How to create talking Ai avatar in mobile for free

how to create talking ai avatar in mobile

Hello friends if you want to create viral Ai talking avatar videos on Instagram then you can create these videos for free . Here are steps you need to follow to create ai avatars .

Generate Ai Photo :- To create Ai avatar you need one ai photo . you can use any ai website to generate photo which we will animate later . I am using website and then you can browse for ai photos and you can download any photo of your choice , photo should be of some person , male or female don’t matter . Then you can save that photo in your pc or mobile .

Generate Quotes or search Quotes :- Second step is to generate quotes using Chatgpt or you can search for quotes in Google or if you remember any good quotes you can use that quotes . You can either copy text version of that quote or you can generate audio version of that quote using any text to audio generator . Then next step is to animate your photo according to text or script .

Animate your photo with Script :- In next step you need to open website to animate your avatar according to script text or audio . It is paid website but it give you some time to create videos with watermark for free . you just need to upload your photo and then upload your script also and click on generate video , then your video will be generated in some seconds and then you can upload that video on Instagram . If you have any question you can comment below.

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