How to create animated videos for YouTube free

how to create animated videos for youtube free

Hello friends , if you want to create animated videos on YouTube for free and earn money then this video is for you . For creating animated videos with stories , you need to do three things , first thing is to find a story , second step is to generate ai images third step is to create audio version of story and then we need to join photos and audio to create a animated story video and earn money and you can also use your own voice to demonstrate story and earn money . If you use AI voice then you need to use premium voice which is supported on YouTube . Free Ai voices are not supported on YouTube .If you use own voice then it will be better or you can use website to generate AI voices at low price .

How to generate Story for Video :- For generating stories , you can use Google or ChatGpt or if you have your own story then you can also demonstrate that story . You can go to ChatGpt website and then you can write tell me a story about kids in jungle or any topic of you choice and then you can copy that story .You can also use Google to search for stories and then you can use that stories which you like and which you think more peoples will like .

Generate Audio Version of Story :- After copying story then you can use Ai website to convert it to voice . If you want to earn from it then you have to use premium voices for YouTube like which offer affordable plans for 25$ per year or 5$ per month or you can use your own voice for demonstration . If you don’t want to earn money from it then you can use free text to voice websites like .

Generate Ai Photos :- Then next step is to generate photos according to stories . So there are many Ai websites now a days which can generate photos from text you typed . so you can type text like – suppose our story title is Children in Jungle you can type that title and you will get results accordingly and then you can use that images . For generating images you can use free website , and more .

Join Audio Story and Photos to create Video Story :- Our final step is to join audio file and photos . So you can use many video editing software for it . you can also use website . You can see how to join photos and audio file in video tutorial .

Note :- If you want to earn money from it then don’t copy paste story directly to create audio file , you have to understand story and write it in own words and then create audio file of it or you can demonstrate story yourself .

If you have any question then you can comment that questions or suggestion below .

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