how to get 1k followers on Facebook in 5 minutes

how to get followers on instagram fast and free without following

Hello friends If you want to get followers on Facebook faster then there are a number of ways to do it . Now with addition of Facebook reels it became easier to get followers on Facebook faster . You can upload a multiple reels on and if any one of your reel get viral . then your followers will also increase . First thing you should do in posting reels is you have to post engaging reels which other want to share and want to comment on it .If people do comment , likes or share then reels get viral faster.

how to get Facebook followers for free

If you want to get followers on Facebook for free without creating any video then you can follow this method . I have tried this method myself and this method works 100 % . For this you have to create any Facebook page and then you have to go to website of Pinterest or you can download Pinterest app in your phone . You have to download videos from Pinterest and then you can upload that videos on Facebook to get followers . You can select any category like , fitness videos , comedy videos , tech videos or any other videos. You can watch above tutorial to understand how to get followers on Facebook with reels .

For downloading videos from Pinterest . if you are using phone app then you can open any video and then click on three dots on top right corner and click on copy link button . then you have to open website and then you have to paste that video URL in this website and download that video . Then you can download multiple videos for free and save it in your phone . Then you can open your Facebook page or if you don’t have Facebook page , you can create new page , page name and profile pic should reflect topic of your page . You can watch this tutorial to know how to create Facebook page .

If you don’t know on which topic you should create Facebook page , then I will show you one more tutorial . You can watch this tutorial to know .Top 5 trending pages on Facebook . If you create pages on these topic

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