How to earn money from Facebook page reels in 2024

how to earn money from facebook page reels

If you want to earn money from page page then there are two methods of it which we are gonna discuss . One is to promote some product or promote own website links and you can also do affiliate marketing and promote other companies products and when someone buy that product then you get some percentage of their sale and you earn money . Other method is to earn money from Facebook by monetizing your videos .

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You can read above article and watch video to know how to get followers faster on Facebook , Then it will be easier for you to earn money from Facebook if your page have more followers . So in first method you should have your own website or you can also search for affiliate products and sell them to earn commission on products . In first method you can use videos from public platforms product promotion videos . You don’t need to create own video . You just need to post more videos to earn more . and when you post any reel then you have to post your website link in that reel title . In Facebook links in reels and videos title and description are clickable so you can post your website links and earn money . You can also watch video tutorial for better understanding .

In second method you can first use above video to increase your followers first on Facebook page and when you get enough followers like 30k or 40k then you need to delete that videos and then you have to post original videos which are created by you can then you have to complete watch time with your original videos and then you can apply for monetization on your Facebook page and after getting enabled by Facebook for ads then you can earn money on your Facebook videos and reels . In this method your videos should be original . You can comment below in case of any question or suggestion.

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